The Spintronics Research Center at Keio University performs state-of-the-art Spintronics research.

This site supported by;

  • Spintronics Research Network of Japan (Spin-RNJ)
  • JSPS Core-to-Core Program "Isotope Spintronics"

aims to provide a platform for spintronic researchers to collaborate and exchange ideas in order to push the envelope on Spintronics Research.


  • スピントロニクス学術研究基盤と連携ネットワーク
  • 日本学術振興会拠点形成事業「同位体スピントロニクス」


Center for Spintronics Research Network (CSRN)

東北大学touhokudaigaku 大阪大学oosakadaigaku 東京大学toukyoudaigaku 


The video menu below shows a list of research videos presented by researchers in the field.

Spintronics Research Videos (Please select topics)
Quantum Information
  • Review Talk
    • Oct. 2009 by K. M. Itoh, Keio University, on; "Silicon Quantum Processing". [Video]
    • Dec. 2009 by R.V. Meter, Keio University, on; "Systems for Distributed Computing". [Video]
    • Jan. 2011 by S. Lloyd, Keio University, on; "Quantum algorithm for solving linear equations". [Video]
    • Jan. 2011 by S. Lloyd, Keio University, on; "photosynthesis - 'Quantum Life'". [Video]
  • Quantum Information
    • Oct. 2009 by K.M. Itoh on; H. Hayashi, T. Itahashi, K. M. Itoh, L. S. Vlasenko and M. P. Vlasenko, "Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of 29Si Nuclei in Isotopically Controlled Phosphorus Doped Silicon," Phys. Rev. B 80, 045201 (2009). [Article 1] and "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Linewidth and Spin Diffusion in 29Si Isotopically Controlled Silicon," Phys. Rev. B 78, 153201 (2008) [Article 2] [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by T. Arai, Keio University, on; "Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Silicon Atomic Wire,". [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by T. Ishikawa, Keio University in collaboration with A.F. loffe Physico-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Science, on; "Photoluminescence from triplet states of isoelectronic bound excitons at interstitial-carbon-interstitial-oxygen defects in silicon,". [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by M.R. Rahman, Keio University, on; "Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of 29Si Nuclei in Lithium-Doped Silicon,". [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by W. Akhtar, Keio University, on; "Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance of Phosphorus in Silicon at Low Magnetic Field,". [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by A. Trisetyarso, Keio University, on; "Circuit Design for Measurement-based Quantum Carry Lookahead Adder,". [Video]
Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors
  • Review Talk
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Materials Science and Chemistry
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Physics
    • [Article] [Video]
Non-magnetic Semiconductors
  • Review Talk
    • Nov. 2009 by H. Bracht, Institute of Material Physics, University of Münster, Germany, on; "Diffusion Phenomena in Isotopically Controlled Semiconductor Heterostructures". [Video]
    • Jan. 2010 by B. Johnson, Centre for Quantum Computer Technology, University of Melbourne, Australia, on; "Electrical and Optical Properties of Defects Formed by Ion Implantation". [Video]
    • Jan. 2010 by R. Morgunov, Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Russia, on; Kinetics of spin-dependent aggregation of the doping ions studied by microhardness and SQUID in ionic crystals. [Video]
    • March. 2010 by L.S. Vlasenko, A. F. Ioffe Physico-Techical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia, on; History of semiconductor physics in former Soviet Union and Russia. [Video]
    • Jan. 2011 by L.S. Vlasenko, A. F. Ioffe Physico-Techical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia, on; Spin Dependent Effects in Semiconductors : application to magnetic resonance. [Video]
    • Aug. 2011 by A. Wray, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory , Princeton University , California , USA., on; Electron dynamics in topological insulator based semiconductor-metal interfaces. [Video]
    • Nov. 2011 by G. Abstreiter , Walter Schottky institut-ZNN , Physik Department and Institute for Advanced Study , Garching , Germany , on; Si/Ge based nanostructures and arsenide based nanowires on Si. [Video]
    • Jan. 2012 by I. Appelbaum , Materials Science and Engineering , College Park, USA , on; Spin Transport in Silicon. [Video]
    • Jan. 2012 by P.C. McIntyre , Materials Science and Engineering , Stanford University, Stanford , USA , on; Ge Core - Si(Ge) Shell Nanowires : Stability and Surface Passivation. [Video]
    • Sep. 2013 by I. Aharonovich , School of Physics and Advanced Materials , University of Technology Sydney, Sydney , Australia, on; Wide band gap semiconductors for Nanophotonics. [Video]
  • Materials Science and Chemistry
    • Oct. 2009 by S. Miyamoto, Keio University, on; S. Miyamoto, O. Moutanabbir, E. E. Haller and K. M. Itoh, “Spatial Correlation of Self-Assembled Isotopically Pure Ge/Si(001) Nanoislands,” Phys. Rev. B. 79, 165415 (2009). [Article] [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by Y. Kawamura, Keio University, on; M. Naganawa, Y. Kawamura, Y. Shimizu, M. Uematsu, K. M. Itoh, H. Ito, M. Nakamura, H. Ishikawa, and Y. Ohji, "Accurate Determination of the Intrinsic Diffusivities of Boron, Phosphorus and Arsenic in Silicon: The Influence of SiO2 Films," Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 47, 6205 (2008). [Article] [Video]
    • Nov. 2009 by R. Hirano, Keio University, on; "Room-temperature Observation of Quantum Size Effects in Photoluminescence of Si(0.8)GE(0.2)/Si Nanocolumns Prepared by Neutral Beam Etching,".[Video]
  • Physics
    • Oct. 2009 by S. Miyamoto, Keio University, on; S. Miyamoto, K. Nishiguchi, Y. Ono, K. M. Itoh, and A. Fujiwara, “Escape Dynamics of a Few Electrons in a Single-Electron Ratchet using Silicon Nanowire Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 222103 (2008). [Article] [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by S. Miyamoto, Keio University, on; S. Miyamoto, K. Nishiguchi, Y. Ono, K. M. Itoh, and A. Fujiwara, “Resonant Escape over an Oscillating Barrier in Single-Electron Ratchet Transfer,” submitted to Phys. Rev. B. [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by Y. Kawamura, Keio University in collaboration with University of California at Berkeley, on; "Quantitative Evaluation of Germanium Displacement induced by Arsenic Implantation using Germanium Isotope Superlattices". [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by T. Ishikawa, Keio University in collaboration with Simon Fraser University and A.F. loffe Physico-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Science, on; "Photoluminescence Study of Isoelectronic Centers in Silicon - Beryllium Pairs and Carbon-Oxygen Defects,". [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by G. Tsuchiya, Keio University, on; "Identification of the Influence of Phonon Scattering on the Electron Mobility in a Strained-Si Quantum Well,". [Video]
    • Oct. 2009 by H. Tezuka, Keio University, on; "EPR Study of Boron in Silicon: Isotope effect and Double Excitation,". [Video]
    • Nov. 2009 by K. Naito, Keio University, on; "Photoluminescence of Erbium Doped Isotopically Controlled Silicon,". [Video]
    • Dec. 2009 by L.J. Garcia, Keio University, on; "Amorphization of Semiconductors,". [Video]
  • Review Talk
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Materials Science and Chemistry
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Physics
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Review Talk
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Materials Science and Chemistry
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Physics
    • [Article] [Video]
Hybrid Systems
  • Review Talk
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Materials Science and Chemistry
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Physics
    • [Article] [Video]
Spintronic Devices
  • Review Talk
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Materials Science and Chemistry
    • [Article] [Video]
  • Physics
    • [Article] [Video]

Conference Videos (Please select topics)
PASPS-14 (2009, 国内学会) - Japanese-only
  • 強磁性リードに接続した量子ドットにおけるコトンネリング伝導 - 納谷尚吾 (慶應義塾大学理工学部) [Video]
  • n型GaAsにおけるスピンホール効果のキャリア濃度依存性 - 松坂俊一郎 (東北大学電気通信研究所) [Video]
  • Hanle-like measurements of polarization conversion in single quantum dots - R.Kaji (Hokkaido University) [Video]
  • 導体メゾスコピック系における電子および核スピン依存量子伝導 - 小林研介(招待講演、京都大学) [Video]
  • Design of co-doping and low temperature annealing for high-T_cDMS - K.Sato (Osaka University) [Video]
  • Fe/GaO_xトンネル注入源を用いた半導体への高スピン偏極電子注入 - 斎藤秀和 (産業技術総合研究所) [Video]
  • 量子ホールエッジチャンネルによる局所核スピン偏極の生成と減衰 - 中島峻 (東京大学) [Video]
  • 単一量子ドット/強磁性電極ナノ接合におけるスピンブロッケイドの観測 - 浜屋宏平 (東京大学) [Video]
  • Detection of chirality of magnetostatically coupled multilayered rings - T.Miyawaki (Tohoku University) [Video]
  • Electrical detection of propagating spin waves in a permalloy strip - Lihui Bai (Tohoku University) [Video]
  • 半導体アンチドット構造によるスピンホール効果の増大とスピンフィルターへの応用 - 横山知大 (慶應義塾大学) [Video]
  • Spin state transfer and tomography of electrons injected by light in a semiconductor - H.Kosaka (Tohoku University) [Video]
  • ゲート付き GaAs/AlGaAs 単一量子井戸を用いたゼロ地場における高速移動度二次元電子スピン歳差運動の工学検出 - 大野裕三(高橋卓也、東北大学) [Video]
  • 走査型Kerr顕微鏡によるGaAs量子井戸中のスピン偏極量子ホール電流の可視化 - 音賢一 (千葉大学) [Video]
  • 二次元正孔系のスピン共鳴とゼロ地場スピン分裂 - 寺岡総一郎 (ICORP-JST) [Video]
PASPS-15 (2010, 国内学会) - Japanese-only
  • Recent Progress in Silicon Spintronics (Invited) - Ron Jansen (AIST) [Video]
  • n-GaAs/MgO/CoFe 接合におけるスピン蓄積とその電気的検出 - 大野 裕三 [小林 裕臣] (東北大学電気通信研究所) [Video]
  • 横結合型量子ドットによる量子ドットのエネルギー準位スペクトル測定 - 桑原 優樹 (東京大学物性研究所) [Video]
  • 電界による(Ga,Mn)As 強磁性ナノドットの形成 - 千葉 大地(東北大学電気通信研究所、京都大学化学研究所、JSTさきがけ) [Video]
  • Magnetoresistance in FM/graphene/FM Junctions - T. Hiraiwa (Nagoya University) [Video]
  • トポロジカル絶縁体のエッジ状態・表面状態による輸送現象 (招待講演) - 村上 修一 (東京工業大学) [Video]
  • Ternary bismuth chalcogenides as a new family of 3D topological insulator - Akio Kimura (Hiroshima University) [Video]
  • 多端子量子ドット系におけるスピン流生成の増大機構 - 横山 知大 (慶應義塾大学理工学部) [Video]
  • ナノ構造におけるスピン干渉効果の半古典論による理論計算 - 峰重 俊介 (北海道大学) [Video]
  • 複合フェルミオンスピン偏極の光学検出 - 野村 晋太郎 (筑波大学) [Video]
G-COE Osaka (2010, 国内学会) - English-only
  • Exploring Magnetism with Ferromagnetic III-V Semiconductors - Hideo Ohno (Tohoku University) [Video]
  • Physics of Exchange Interactions in Solids - Tomasz Dietl (Warsaw University) [Video]
  • Organic Semiconductors for Spintronic Applications - Valentin Alek Dediu (Institute for Nanostructered Materials CNR BOLOGNA) [Video]
  • Organic Molecular Ferroelectics - Yoshi Tokura (University of Tokyo) [Video]
  • XMCD Characterization of High-T_c Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors - Atsushi Fujimori (University of Tokyo) [Video]
  • Theoretical carbon device design and Development of the density functional variational method - Koichi Kusakabe (Osaka University) [Video]
  • Ferromagnetic semiconductors at the boundary of holes' localization - Tomasz Dietl (Warsaw University) [Video]
  • Several new superconductors recently developed by our group - Jun Akimitsu (Aoyama Gakuin University) [Video]
  • Berry's phase as an order parameter - Isao Maruyama (Osaka University) [Video]
  • Material Design of dilute magnetic semiconductors by controlling spinodal decomposition - Kazunori Sato (Osaka University) [Video]
  • Understanding Graphene and Graphene Nanostructures - Steven G Louie (University of California,Berkeley) [Video]
  • Multiferroics:Modelling and Understanding - Silvia Picozzi (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Istituto SPIN) [Video]
  • Electronic Structure of Graphite Thin Films - Susumu Okada (University of Tsukuba) [Video]
  • Nano-Scale Engineering Guided by the Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory - Yoshiyuki Miyamoto (Green lnnovation Res. Labs.NEC) [Video]
  • Phosphorus in isotopically purified 28Si - Kohei M.Itoh (keio University) [Video]
  • Spin Electronics and Spin Photonics on Oxide Semiconductors - Hitoshi Tabata (University of Tokyo) [Video]
  • Anisotropic spin transport induced by competition between Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interactions in InGaAs wires - Junsaku Nitta (Tohoku University) [Video]
Keio Topical Workshop on Semiconductor Spintronics (2013) - English-only
  • Recent topics in diluted magnetic semiconductors - Hideo Ohno (Tohoku University) [Video]
  • Fe-based n-type ferromagnetic semiconductor - Masaaki Tanaka (University of Tokyo) [Video]
  • Computational Nano-Materials Design for Spintronics: Design vs. Realization
                                            - Hiroshi Katayama-Yoshida (Osaka University) [Video]
  • Electronic spin polarization in semiconductor nanostructures - Makoto Kohda (Tohoku University) [Video]
  • Quantum measurement of magnetic field using single NV centers in isotopically enriched diamond - Junko Ishi-Hayase (Keio University) [Video]
Keio-TU Munchen Joint Seminar on Nanospintronics (2013) - English-only
  • Thermoelectrics in SiGe thin films made from nanoparticles - Martin S. Brandt (TU Munich) [Video]
  • EDMR on SL1 centers in silicon and hyperfine interactions with 29Si nuclear spins
                                                                                         - David P. Franke (TU Munich) [Video]
  • Diamond in fibre - Andrew D Greentree (RMIT University) [Video]
  • Magnetometry with NV centers in isotopically controlled diamond - Kohei M. Itoh (Keio University) [Video]
  • Optical nonlinearities at a very low power in an ultrahigh-Q microcavity system - Takasumi Tanabe (Keio University) [Video]
  • Optical phonon lasing in semiconductor double quantum dot - Mikio Eto (Keio University) [Video]
  • Terahertz nonlinear optics as a novel tool for understanding instantaneous light-matter interaction
                                                                                   - Shinichi Watanabe (Keio University) [Video]
  • Light emitters based on carbon nanotubes and graphene - Hideyuki Maki (Keio University) [Video]
  • Spin current coupled with magnetization dynamics - Kazuya Ando (Keio University) [Video]

日本語講義ビデオ (Please select topics)
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #1 - Qubit and Quantum Gates [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #2 - Quantum Teleportation [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #3 - Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #4 - Grover's Algorithm [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #5 - Quantum Circuits [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #6 - Quantum Fourier Transform [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #7 - Shor's Factoring Algorithm pdf [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #8 - 量子コンピュータの歴史 [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #9 - Postulates of Quantum Mechanics [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #10 - Quantum Error Correction pdf [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #11 - Classical Linear Code [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #12 - Stabilizer Code [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #13 - Fault Tolerant Quantum Computation [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #14 - Topological Code [pdf] [Video]
  • 量子コンピュータ授業 #15 - Natural Error Correction [pdf] [Video]
  • 物性物理学特論A #1 - ゲージ場とベリー位相1[Video]
  • 物性物理学特論A #2 - ゲージ場とベリー位相2[Video]
  • 物性物理学特論A #3 - ゲージ場とベリー位相2,内因性ホール効果1[Video]
  • 物性物理学特論A #4 - 内因性ホール効果2[Video]

Lecture Slides

  • Lecture #1 - Weiss [pdf]
  • Lecture #2 - Ohno [pdf]
  • Lecture #3 - Kato [pdf]
  • Lecture #4 - Tatara [pdf]
  • Lecture #5 - Wray [pdf]
  • Lecture #6 - Jansen [pdf]
  • Lecture #7 - Coish pdf
  • Lecture #8 - Cappellaro [pdf]
  • Lecture #9 - Eto [pdf]
  • Lecture #10 - Koenraad pdf
  • Lecture #11 - Takahashi [pdf]
  • Lecture #12 - Nori [pdf]

JSPS Core-to-Core Activities

Diamond Quantum Sensing Seminar
  • June 16, 2016, Keio University
  • Speaker
  • Prof. Susummu Takahashi (University of Southern California)
  • "Electron spin resonance spectroscopy using NV centers in diamond"

  • _______________________________
    Silicon quantum computer seminar
  • June 6, 2016, Keio University
  • Speaker
  • Prof.Seth Lloyd (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • "Quantum Machine Learning"

  • _______________________________
    Diamond Quantum Sensing Seminar
  • June 6, 2016, Keio University
  • Speaker
  • 山崎聡 博士 (産業技術総合研究所)
  • "ダイヤモンドの魅力とその応用"

  • _______________________________
    Stanford-Keio Seminar on Semiconductor Nanoengineering and Photonics II
  • October 23, 2015, Stanford University
  • Speaker
  • Prof. Takasumi Tanabe (Keio University)
  • Prof. Mark Brongersma (Stanford University)

  • _______________________________
    Keio Spintronics Research Center highlighted at the American
    Physical Society March Meeting 2015

  • Four core members of the Keio Spintronics Research Center and
    JSPS Core-to-Core Program
  • Prof. Kohei M. Itoh
  • Prof. Junko Hayase
  • Prof. Kazuya Ando
  • Prof. Yukio Nozaki
  • were featured in the video made by the American Physical Society.
  • The center video can be viewed at
  • http://www.websedge.com/videos/aps_tv_2015/#/a_new_kind_of_qubit
  • Two photos are the video streaming at the American Physical Society
    Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

    Silicon quantum computer seminar
  • January 27, 2015, 11am at University of New South Wales, Sydney
  • Speaker
  • Prof. Kohei M. Itoh, Keio University
  • "Isotope engineering of silicon and diamond for quantum information processing"
  • In the photo from left to right Prof. Sven Rogge, Prof. Michelle Simmons,
    Prof. Kohei Itoh, and Prof. Andrea Morello

  • _______________________________
    Silicon quantum computer seminar
  • January 23, 2015, 11am at University of Melbourne
  • Speaker
  • Prof. Kohei M. Itoh, Keio University
  • "Isotope engineering of silicon and diamond for quantum information processing"

  • _______________________________
    Diamond Quantum Sensing Seminar
  • November 6, 2014, ETH Zurich
  • Speaker
  • Prof. Junko Hayase (Keio University)

  • _______________________________
    Diamond Quantum Sensing Seminar
  • November 4, 2014, University of Ulm
  • Speaker
  • Prof. Junko Hayase (Keio University)
  • Prof. Fedor Jelezko (University of Ulm)
  • Prof. Junichi Isoya

  • _______________________________
    Diamond Quantum Sensing Seminar
  • November 3, 2014, University of Stuttgart
  •  Prof. Junko Hayase (Keio University) with
  •  Prof. Joerg Wrachtrup and his group members

  • _______________________________
    Isotope quantum information seminar
  • November 17, 2014, 2:45pm-4:00pm
  • Speaker
  • Dr. Paulo Santos, Cambridge University
  • "Exciton control by oving acoustic fields"
  • at Keio University

  • _______________________________
    Keio Tchno-Mall, 2014
  • December 5, 2014, Tokyo International Forum
  • "Demonstration of the compact diamond magnetometer"

  • _______________________________
    JSPS Core-to-Core Day at Keio University
  • October 1, 2014, 10am-6:15pm
  • Keio University, Yagami campus,Building 14, Discussion Space 33,34
  • Program
  • 10:00 H. Maki “Nano carbon electronic and electro-optic devices
  • 10:20 T. Tanabe “Ultrahigh-Q nanocavities:  Fundamentals and applications”
  • 10:40 K. Sekiguchi “Magnon Spintronics: Development of Spin-wave Engineering”
  • 11:00 M. Matoba, TBA
  • 11:30 K. Shirahama “Nano/Microscale Helium-3 as a Topological Superfluid”
  • 12:15 - 13:00 Break
  • Building 14, Discussion Room 2
  • 13:00 H. Kurihara “p-adic variation in number theory”
  • 13:15 K. Bannai “polylogarithms and Eisenstein classes”
  • 13:30 H. Takahashi “Dynamical Systems ”
  • 13:45 T. Sano “Arithmetic properties of zeta elements”
  • 14:00 - 14:30 Discussion
  • 14:45 M. Eto, “Spin-related transport phenomena in semiconductor quantum dot”
  • 15:05 K. Ando, Spin current
  • 15:25 S. Watanabe “Imaging of magnetic vortex with femtosecond laser pulses and its future applications”
  • 15:45 T. Sato “Induction of magnetic function in the two-dimensional metal thin film based on quantum well structure”
  • 16:05 - 16:25 Break
  • 16:25 K. Itoh “Isotope spintronics”
  • 16:45 J. Hayase “Quantum magmetometry using electronic spins in diamond”
  • 17:15 N. Yamamoto “Linear systems theory for quantum information”
  • 17:35 Y. Nozaki “Nonlinear spin dynamics in nanometer scale ferromagnets”
  • 17:55 T. Saiki “Spin glass machine using plasmon particle interaction with phase change material”
  • 18:05 Closing

  • _______________________________
    Isotope quantum information seminar
  • September 27, 2014, 3pm-6pm
  • Dr. Takehiro Kojima, Cambridge University
  • Kohei M. Itoh, Keio University

  • _______________________________
    JSPS Core-to-Core Group meeting at Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA.
  • July 14-16, 2014
  • In the photo, Prof. Steve Lyon (Princeton) and
  • Prof. John Morton (UCL) are "collaborating" to compete
  • against Prof. Kohei Itoh (not in photo).

  • _______________________________
    Quantum opto -mechanics seminar-
  • June 7, 2014, 5pm-9pm
  • University of Tokyo, Prof. Yasunobu Nakamura’s seminar room
  • Speaker
  • Dr. Hans Huebl
  • “Nano-opto-mechanics at microwave frequencies”

  • _______________________________
    TU Munich-Keio meeting on silicon isotope spintronics
  • June 7, 2014, 5pm-9pm
  • TU Munich
  • Martin Brandt (TUM), Hans Huebl (TUM), Kohei M. Itoh (Keio)

  • _______________________________
    Ulm-ETH Zurich-Keio joint meeting and seminar on diamond quantum sensing
  • June 6, 2014, 12:00pm-5:30pm
  • Fedor Jelezko (Ulm), Christian Degen (ETH), Liam McGuinness (ETH),
  • Phani Peddibhotla (Ulm), Hideyuki Watanabe (AIST), Kohei M. Itoh (Keio)

  • _______________________________
    ETH Zurich-Keio joint meeting and seminar on diamond quantum sensing
  • June 2, 2014, 2:30pm-5:30pm
  • ETH Zurich, Physics Department, Seminar Room
  • Christian Degen (ETH), Klaus Ensslin (ETH), Michael Loretz (ETH), Tobias Rosskopt (ETH), Hideyuki Watanabe (AIST), Kohei M. Itoh (Keio)

  • _______________________________
    TU Munchen-Keio joint symposium on nanoelectronics 2013
  • December 16, 2013, 12:30pm-5:30pm
  • TU Munich, Seminar Room ZNN
  • Program
  • 13:35 Prof. Junko Hayase (Keio)
  • "Semiconductor quantum dots optical quantum information processing"
  • 14:00 Prof. Jonathan Finley (TUM)
  • "All optical coherent spin control in quantum dots and molecules"
  • 14:25 Prof. Hideyuki Maki (Keio)
  • "Carbon nanotube optoelectronics"
  • 14:50 Prof. Alex Holleitner (TUM)
  • "Polarization control of ultrafast spin currents in topological insulators"
  • 15:15 Coffee
  • 15:45 Prof. Kazuya Ando (Keio)
  • "Spin current in metals, insulators, and semiconductors"
  • 16:10 Priv.-Doz. Sebastian Gönnenwein (Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften)/li>
  • "Spin currents in magnetic insulator/normal metal hybrids"
  • 16:35 Prof. Kohei Itoh (Keio)
  • "Semiconductor isotope spintronics; silicon and diamond quantum information processing and sensing"
  • 17:00 Prof. Martin Brandt (TUM)
  • "Measuring electric field gradients with spins"

  • _______________________________
    Project Member Meeting
  • November 27, 2013
  • NMR Quantum Information Processing in Rio 2013
  • From right to left: Prof. Jonathan Baugh (Univ. Waterloo), Kohei Itoh (Keio), Prof. Ivan Santos Oliveira (CBPF), Prof. Raymond Laflamme (Univ. Waterloo), Prof. John Morton (UCL)

  • _______________________________
    Special Seminar on Diamond Spintronics
  • October 8, 2013
  • Keio University Yagami Campus, bldg. 14, DR2
  • Professor Christian Degen (ETH Zurich)
  • "Nanoscale Sensing with Diamond Spins"
  • [YouTube]

    Special Seminar on Diamond Spintronics
  • September 13, 2013
  • Keio University Yagami Campus, bldg. 14, DR2
  • Professor Igor Aharonovich (University of Technology, Sydney)
  • "Wide band gap semiconductors for nanophotonics"
  • [YouTube]

    Project Member Meeting
  • July 22, 2013
  • International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors, Bologna, Italy
  • From right to left: Prof. Martin Brandt (TU Munich), Kohei Itoh (Keio), Prof. Mike Thewalt (Simon Fraser Univ.), Prof. John Morton (UCL), Prof. Sven Rogge (Univ. New South Wales)

  • _______________________________
    Special Seminar on Si Quantum Information Processing
  • July 16, 2013
  • Keio University Yagami Campus, bldg. 14, DR2
  • Professor Andrea Morello (University of New South Wales)
  • "single-atom spin qubits in silicon"

  • _______________________________
    Special Seminar on Diamond Spintronics
  • July 9, 2013
  • Keio University Yagami Campus, 14-218 (DR8)
  • Professor Marko Loncar (Harvard University)
  • "Quantum optics with NV centers in diamond"

  • _______________________________
    Special seminar on silicon qubit
  • Time: 2:45 pm, Wednesday, June 5, 2013
  • Discussion Room 3, building 14 (Sosokan),Keio University
  • Speaker: Professor Mark A. Eriksson , Physics Dept.  University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Tittle: "Experimental Progress towards the Hybrid Quantum Dot Silicon Qubit"

  • _______________________________
    Keio-TU Munchen joint seminar on nanospintronics
  • Monday, May 27, 2013, 12:30pm-5:30pm
  • Keio University Yagami Campus, Koseto, Daikaigishitsu

  • See above for videos of presentations

  • _______________________________
    Special seminars and lab visits at Stanford University
  • Friday, May 17, 2013, 3 pm - 5:30 pm
  • Room 143, Spilkerh Building
  • Speakers:
  • Prof. Shinichi Watanabe, Keio University
  • "Terahertz nonlinear optics for solid state physics"
  • Prof. Junko Hayase, Keio University
  • "Coherent interactions between picosecond single photon pulses and a quantum dot ensemble"
  • Dr. Na Young Kim, Stanford University
  • "Bose-Einstein condensation research"
  • Poster presentations by Peter McMahon and Wolfgang Nitsche of Stanford University

  • _______________________________
    Special seminar at Stanford University
  • Thursday, May 16, 2013, 3:45 pm - 5 pm
  • 3rd floor seminar room, McCullough Building
  • Speakers:
  • Prof. Takasumi Tanabe, Keio University
  • "Optical nonlinearities  in an ultrahigh-Q  microcavity system"
  • Prof. Kohei M. Itoh, Keio University
  • "Quantum magnetometry using diamond"

  • _______________________________
    Research discussions at Hewlett Packard Laboratories in Palo Alto
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2013
  • Participants:Kohei M. Itoh and Junko Ishi-Hayase (Keio University)
  •                       Charles Santori and Victor Acosta (HP Labs)

  • _______________________________
    Keio-TU Munchen special mini seminar on semiconductor optoelectronics
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 1:30pm-3:30pm
  • Keio University Yagami Campus, Soso-Kan (bldg. 14), Discussion Room 2
  • 1st presentation, 1:30pm-2:30pm
  • Dr. Gregor Koblmueller (Group Leader III-V Materials, Walter Schottky Institute, TU Munich)
  • “Growth, structure-property correlations and device prospects of (In,Ga,Al)-As nanowires on Si”

  • 2nd presentation, 2:45pm-3:30pm
  • Dr. Asako Hirai (Senior R&D Scientist at Osram Opto Semiconductors)
  • “OSRAM – Introduction to LED Lighting”

  • _______________________________
    Research discussions during Workshop on Diamond
  • April 24-27, 2013,
  • Participants:Kohei M. Itoh and Junko Ishi-Hayase (Keio University)
  •                       Victor Acosta (HP Labs), Dimitry Budker (UC Berkeley),
  •                       Christian Degen (ETH Zurich)