Diamond Quantum Sensing Workshop 2015

  • Diamond Quantum Sensing Workshop 2015 has ended. A big thank you to all the participants and organizers who made the conference a great success! Photos from the conference can be found here.
  • Lecture movies by Dr. Lily Childress



    Presentation slides

    Download presentation slides (PPT file : 57.7 MB)


    The Diamond Quantum Sensing Workshop focuses on basic research leading to development of quantum mechanically enhanced sensors based on diamond.
    The Workshop will be held as a series of the Fujiwara Seminars (http://www.fujizai.or.jp/e_gaiyo.htm).

    The participation to the Workshop is by invitation only.
    The purpose of the workshop is to unite the leading researchers, students, and postdocs in the field to discuss advances in diamond sensing physics, materials science, device engineering, and applications.

    Topics of interest include:
  • Materials science and processing technologies for diamond quantum sensing
  • Physics of diamond qubit for quantum sensing
  • New methods in diamond quantum sensing
  • Applications of diamond sensing