Lectures on Solid State Physics

This videos shows the first lecture in a series of "Introductory Lectures on Solid State Physics" by Professor Kohei M. Itoh from the Department of Applied Physics & Physico-Informatics, Faculty of Science & Technology, Keio University.

The complete list of videos in this lecture series can be found here.

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Introductory Lectures on Solid State Physics
Physics of Materials (Undergraduate Course)
Quantum Computing (Graduate Course)
Introduction to FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy

Invited talks and presentations
Conferences and Symposiums
  • For a full list of conference papers, please refer to this link
  • J. Kato, K. M. Itoh, H. Yamada-Kaneta, and H. -J. Pohl, "Local Vibrational Modes of Oxygen in Isotopically Enriched 28Si, 29Si, and 30Si Single Crystals," 22nd International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors, Arrhus, Denmark, July 2003.[pdf:1.7M]
  • K. M. Itoh "Critical Exponents for Mott-Anderson Transition," (invited) Sasaki Symposium for Solid State Physics, Kashiwa, Japan, November 2002. [pdf:513k]
  • J. Kato, K. M. Itoh, and E. E. Haller, "Observation of Random-Correlated Transition in Ge:As,Ga," 21st International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors, Giesen, Germany, July 2001.[pdf:761k]
  • K. M. Itoh, "Fabrication of Silicon Quantum Computer," (invited), Quantum Information in Group IV Semiconductors Workshop, Oxnard, CA, March 2003.[pdf:718k]
  • K. M. Itoh, "All-Silicon Quantum Computer," presentation at University of New South Wales, Australia, January 2003.[pdf:1.7M]
  • K. M. Itoh, "Materials Science Education at Keio University," (invited), MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, December 2002. [pdf:2.1M]
  • K. M. Itoh "Silicon Isotope Engineering for Better Classical and Quantum Computers," IBM Almaden Research Center, February 2002[pdf:2.2M]