Sightseeing in Takamatsu

We recommend you to enjoy beautiful Takamatsu before and/or after the workshop.

Please refer to the following page to learn about Takamatsu history, culture, and nature...

Professional tour agents will be available to support your planning during the workshop.

Naoshima Island

naoshima island
The most popular destination (in fact one of the most popular ones among tourists from abroad in Japan) is a group of islands that are made into modern art museums.
They are easily accessible from Takamatsu Ferry Port situating in front of the conference site.

Benesse Art Site Naoshima

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There are many other local attractions within Takamatsu City.

Hiunkaku (Tamamo Park)

National important cultural property


This traditional house has been built as a second house of Matsudaira family (one of the lord in Muromachi-Edo era).
The existing building was rebuilt in 1917 and is designated as a nationally important cultural property.

Takamatsu Castle (located in Tamamo Park)


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