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Research Topics

  • Oil-Water Separaion Materials

    Oil-water separation technologies have been attracting much attention against pollution incidents such as oil spills to ocean. We have developed over-99% oil-water separation tehnologies through controlling the difference of "wettability" among various target liquids.

  • Anti-Blood Clotting Coatings

    We are working on transparent anti-blood adhesion coatings. Blood adhesion to optical lens is a major problem that spoils the clear viewduring endoscopic surgeries. We have developed an edible, biocompatible transparent anti-adhesive coatings using a liquid film coating of a plant oil. Animal surgery test showed that our coatings repells blood and body fluids in vivo.

  • Gas Sensing
  • Thin-film Solar Cells

    We have developed a both-side generating semi-transparent solar cell. Photo-active layers can be fabricated via wet processes, which lead to thin film solar cells with possible application to "window solar cells". Past researches faced a cost issue from using PVD for fabriacting contact electrodes. Here, we mixed the conductive polymer and the glue layer to laminate the metal nanowire contact electrode and the photoactive layer. This technolgy allows one to make semi-transparent solar cells with further low cost.

  • Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs)
    LIBs are now most famous rechargable batteries among electric vehicles, smartphones, and others. We utilized carbon nanofibers (CNF) with a precise control of its morphology and with making veramic composite CNF for high performance electrodes for LIBs.Our CNF showes 1.5 times larger capacity than Graphite and stable cyclic properties.

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